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Health Information Privacy Notice

Landmark's HIPAA Privacy Notice describes how medical information about members may be used and disclosed and how you can gain access to this information.

Access Landmark's Authorization for Release and Use of Health Information Form and Instructions.

Web Privacy Policy


Our site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and/or unauthorized alteration of the information under our control, including the encryption of data using Secure Socket Layer technology.

We aim to protect and keep confidential all information that is provided to Landmark through this site, and to treat such information with the same consideration and confidentiality as any information sent to us by the U.S. mail or communicated to us by telephone. The nature of the internet, however, prevents us from guaranteeing the confidentiality of information we receive through the site or via e-mail. If you prefer to contact us by telephone you may call us at (800) 298-4875.

Personal Information

Landmark collects member information such as name, phone, identification number, e-mail, or address. This information is collected for verification purposes and as required by state regulations. This information is kept strictly confidential and is not used by Landmark for any external purposes.

Providers should refer to the Terms and Conditions of Use at Landmark Connect to understand the type of information that will be collected in order for providers to use the secure area of the website.

Landmark will not sell, license or transmit to anyone any personal information that members or practitioners provide to us online. We may disclose information obtained online to our partners involved in administering or providing services for our health benefit plans.

E-mail Communication

E-mail functionality on our site does not provide a completely secure and confidential means of communication. It is possible that your e-mail communication may be accessed or viewed inappropriately by another internet user while in transit to us. If you wish to keep your information completely private, you should not use e-mail and instead, contact us at (800) 298-4875, to guarantee the confidentiality of your information.


Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a user's computer for purposes of storing information about a user's preferences. A cookie may contain information that is used to track the pages of the site you have visited. Landmark's website uses cookies, but does not store cookies on the user's hard drive. The cookies are destroyed or expire once the user exits Landmark's website.

Contacting Landmark

If you have any questions about this Disclaimer or Privacy Policy, please contact:

Landmark Healthplan of California, Inc.
PO Box 981809
El Paso, TX 79998-1809

Legal Disclaimer

Landmark Healthplan of California, Inc. has created this website in order to provide information about Landmark, its services and a range of information on health related subjects. The information contained in this website is general in nature and not intended to take the place of professional health care. If you have a specific health-related question, or are seeking complete health information, please see a doctor or other health care provider.

Landmark continually updates the information provided on this website in order to keep the information as current and accurate as possible; however, it is possible that the site may contain inaccuracies or errors, or unauthorized modifications by third parties. Landmark does not make any express or implied warranties as to the accuracy of any information on this website or its fitness for use for specific purposes. Information contained in this site may be changed or updated without notice.

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