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California Brokers

Landmark Healthplan of California is a Knox-Keene licensed specialized health services plan. We provide chiropractic, acupuncture and combined chiropractic/acupuncture benefit plans on both a fully insured and self-funded basis throughout California.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our appointed brokers and your employer group clients. Some of our key features, advantages and benefits include:

  • Landmark network-based benefit plans offer flexible co-pay and visit limit options that are available to employer groups of 2 or more employees.
  • Our plans are very affordable.  Single rates begin at $2; family rates at $6..
  • No deductibles or co-insurance; co-payments only, and these can be as low as $5.
  • Members have direct access to any chiropractor or acupuncturist in Landmark's fully credentialed network and may change practitioners at any time.
  • Fill out your client's benefits program with a low cost, high quality alternative to drugs and surgery.